Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the desperate diaries 1: that thing called love

One, the best athlete in schoo,and the chocolate boy.The other, an audacious speaker,class topper and 'elf'ishly gorgeous.Together even the grumpy teachers loved them!NOT that any among us did!But we really dint stand a chance.[And just like every other narrator. in the customary 'desperate' stories, i had a crush on 'her']
So what could've led to the break up of this seemingly 'spotless' pair.Their different passions? It doesn't really sound a convincing reason,especially to someone who has seen them together!They were the prom king queen stuff as you have in those English horror[they tend to call it thrillers, but i've never been thrilled to c masked men stab cute couples on certain fridays] movies with disappointing sequels.
She took up 'law' at Delhi and he joined an Engineering college in Madras. But according to the classical definition, love blossomed with distance right? so then ,what else? Lack of commitment ?I really cant answer that with a yes or no, but i've seen them scraping probable names for their children on the beach and fighting over it, so i kinda concluded they were serious. And I'm pretty sure everyone in my class thought the same.
And at last via a mutual friend, I came to know the reason!They were BORED. A very flimsy reason to let a pretty girl go, it would seem!But I wasn't all that surprised! after all he used to spend his entire life revolving around Ms Sunshine, doing what she wants! Its only human to desire a change, and sometimes the parattas can yield more taste than the 'real Arabia'[mind u, that doesnt happen all the time]. He would even skip the football matches to go talk to her. I have no clue as to how he cud tolerate the left and right 'cancellations' associated with a pretty girl![for those who arent familiar with the golden rule, a pretty girl is discrete maths! She always has some nagging,very 'UNpretty','friends'{or fans} beside her!unless you learn to do the left and right cancelling , it is impossible to get a pretty girl]
The bitter truth is, when u develop an infatuation for someone u always find a reason to believe this is exactly the person for u. It doesn need to be a good reason. Taking photographs of the nyt sky, for example. Now in the long run,that's just the kind of dumb,irritating habit that would cause u to split up. But in the haze of infatuation,its just what u've been searching for all these years.
Each realized what they were missing out on,discovered something new,and they broke up! end of story.
Initially i was very angry!I cursed the society for what it had become and wondered 'what true love meant'?maybe its like 'Halo'.some lucky guy gets to sleep-act with Beyonce! And so i pondered!
Why do people,old ,immature or young,break up?and then Mr Tiger Woods came rushing in!ehemmm.and then John Terry![clear throat. atleast Toni can tend to forgive]. Regardless of how naive the word BORED might seem, it has roots in almost every 'emotional mishap'.
Most of the time, we call it 'losing trust'! but that is losing faith in your partner,which is a direct implication that you arent fully into the relationship!and why arent u? maybe u need a change?maybe u've had 'enough' with the current state of affairs!
Anyway i leave it for u to decide! and while you are at it,you could probably find a cute name to match our male and female protagonists as well!I wanted Jack and Jill, but my girlfriend likes aditya and aisha more! AS always ,she previals!

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