Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Average Indian Woman

She wakes up with the sun,
And ties her hair like a bun.
Makes tea for everyone,
And coffee for her son.
Water her green plants,
while making the daily plans.
Does the dishes, maybe,
Regardless of her wishes.
Wraps a long piece of cloth around her,
In a way that only she knows how.
Clings on to the back seat of a scooter,
That would take years to master.
At office, its work,work and work.
Back home, its work again.
"It's midnight, let me sleep", she says.
She wakes up with the sun,
And ties her hair like a bun...

Yet they call her the 'average' Indian woman.


Viyoma said...

Simplest tribute Women could ever get. Beautiful, best part is that you keep it easy for readers understanding.

Hats off to the Average Indian Women.

Nevin said...

Thanks for reading and giving that feedback Viyoma. Means a lot :)

Nirvana said...

where do you get such insights? This could very well be the story of any woman I know... loved it!

Sri Valli said...

Very beautifully written poem....

Nevin said...

@Nirvana : Like you just said, this could well be the story of any woman you and I know. I just wrote it down.
@Sri Valli: Thanks for reading. I'm not very good with poems you see :D

balu sukumaran said...

kollam saimaaaaaa

Aswathy said...

you are getting better by the minute i should say!! :) loved it!!!

Nevin said...

Thank you so much Balu and Aswathy. Means a lot :)

Anonymous said...

Above average poem.

sree said...

..a complex thought presented in simple sweet form!! loved it !!

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