Monday, July 18, 2011

Being Human Being

At the age of ten, when the world around her went to schools, Ammini took to housework , moving from one house to another, running that burly coconut broomstick across different yards and washing clothes of many who live no more. I once asked her why she did that to which she casually replied " Back then 10 year olds were 'grown-up' enough. And this was what we were destined to do. My mom did this. My sister does this. Its our trade." Remarkably, 43 years since that day when she walked into a house wearing the tiny blouse and the customary 'lungi', she still goes strong surviving on that black coffee she consumes every morning before going to the late Gopalan Nair's house.

Ammini aunty, as i call her, has been a part of my life ever since I moved to Edappally in my first grade, watching me grow into the person I am today. Famous for her ability at collecting every single news surrounding the region, she holds a very high position in every rich housewives' heart.
What bothers me now is that after some 15 years of coming to our house she cried today. She was talking to my mom and weeping at the same time. And this plucked my heart out because behind all that 'Narada' act, she has always portrayed a mettle of iron.
Being married to a drunkard is difficult. Having a married son who still keeps demanding money every month, even more so. Add to that the woes of sharing the about-to-fall-apart house with a 40+ spinster and a mother who is bed ridden. People kill themselves for lot lesser. Yet she has always faced the challenges head on with that tenacious attitude.
A month ago her son Vinoo had come asking for money again. To buy a golden bangle for a friend's daughter's first birthday. Ammini aunty couldn't see the sense in buying a bangle for a distant friend and refused to lend any money. Not that she had any to spare. Vinoo bought the bangle though. And refused to show his mom.
Why an ostensibly small reason broke a person who has faced far worse apart, throws light on the fact that we are all ultimately humans. We have a heart. We all have similar stories encompassing our lives. Chronicles that might seem trivial in this big world. But what these seemingly ordinary lives sometimes portray is what makes human beings astonishingly unique. A 'will' to survive and an ability to love and forgive. Ammini will move on. Vinoo will come again next month and demand money. And she will work hard to ensure that the lives depending on her also moves forward.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

UNPLUGGED: insignificance of another life

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

food,travel and living: The Enigma drive

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Its 3 HOURS again :-/

11-07-11: NOS lab

The thing with these big production houses is that they make really wonderful movies, cash in big time and then create a below par sequel(s) ( or prequel(s) as seems the trend these days ) and ruin everything good about the initial product. But the fact that they keep doing it, mixed with the age old truth that faculty at cusat sucks must be why I'm looking at the screen and thinking " oh God! Its 3 HOURS again!"
One can easily fall into believing that the transition from windows 2000 to Ubuntu, and the change in teacher in charge [ form VK boss to Kutti Srank ] would bring a drastic to change how '3 hours' is handled. And to a certain extend it has. Its now less 'Kandhahar' and more Daniel Pearl. More staring at a screen and less looking down at the floor. Terrorism still prevails though.
The weird thing about 'cusat labs' is that you are ALWAYS expected be on time and in full uniform regardless of the fact your teachers seem to be living in a different time zone. India is very huge after all! But if you are late one day [ which is like real late cause the teachers are late and so if u are late you must be really really late .. err you get the point ] be prepared to face the 'wrath of the Gods'.
I wear a bluish-grey jeans to lab one day and Thallachi goes all savage on me. That, when everybody else in the lab is wearing a black jeans :-/ . I suppose that is the 'sin' I did. Her relentless shouting, got really vile at times. So I made up the corniest of excuses, " err Ma'am, the pant wasn't dry ! ", and turned around to see fresh morning sun light pierce through the curtain unsettling every bit of dust that seemed to be around. GULP!
And guess what Thallachi replies? "Yeah. I know what that feels like. Even my kids face the same problem. Your mom must be working. Its a problem with the institution and the society and..[ i think she mentioned vice chancellor once] .Do one thing , write an apology letter and attend the lab!"
So I tear a piece of paper and scribble :
" Respected Ma'am;
I'm sincerely sorry for the 'wet pants'. I promise not to wash clothes again during the weekdays. I'll ensure that i don't commit such mistakes again in the lab. I hope you treat me with all the compassion and kindness of a mother and accept this apology.

Yours faithfully, NT.
Thats cusat for you. Certain 3 hours in your life here can be completely worthless.And quite extraneous!
Squeak + screech. Great. That must be ma'am. " NEVIN!.."

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