Thursday, July 2, 2009


well here is one article for u hard core need for speed fans! here is according to my view the top 5 need for speeds to hit the PCs. i am racing enthusiast and hence my rating would be different from ur fav five! pls post comment on what u think are the best!

5)need for speed 3:hot pursuit
this was the ground breaking game of our childhood! to be able to drive the mercs and the lambis is one thing! but to have police in el ninos behind u was totally cool and i still remember using the cheat code to drive the elusive cars!

4)need for speed 6:hot pursuit 2
again a pure racing game with superb graphics,great rounds and ideas and for the first time introducing the choppers! the hot puruit two was yet again a breath of fresh air from the other games!

3)need for speed 8:Underground 2
the streets,the dark,the vinyls! it made one think" heh did the fast and the furious movie come first,or the underground?" whatever happened to the chicken and egg!

2)need for speed: undercover
ground breaking graphics,awesome pusuits its gottem all!it would have been the first hadnt it been for the love i share towards number 1

1)need for speed:most wanted
pleasing graphics,smooth rides,superb concept and a great story line! undoubtedly the best


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