Monday, November 9, 2009

Being the Single guy!

ok!lemme get this straight! it isnt wht tht IIT Chetan guy says! gosh he had it so easy. girls inviting a fatso/student of her father to make out at home?or quallis?and then guys falling over mysterious phone calls in the middle of the nyt and ladies disappearing in trains? ya ryt!

k so heres the truth!being a single guy is not wht it seems on the fancy books,or the American pie movies.its worse and so much more fun.we are the totally unpredictable type!living life to the fullest.Free to design our paths forward.And do u know wht these fancy ladies tag us?' MEN'. [ARRRGGHHHHHH] { Yes u freaking other kind of homo sapiens thats why we wear trousers and not skirts.}

Beer,slut and everything nice:
its been nearly two yrs at college now and i really don know a gal tht has never been called a slut privately. it so happens.not tht we are exceptionally proud of calling everyone that but i guess its the trend these days. initially i found it very disturbing, cause school had been so different and sudden jump into coll was tough. but then i gradually got used to the concept and nowadays i really dont differentiate. i guess its the Single's way of telling how desperate they are!AND i am not gonna go protesting!:)
bout beer , i've personally found it an attitude thing but i can assure u there are lodsa guys who feed on it as if its so addictive..

ok then there are guys like me.for instance my fish kept jumping out of his new home that i named him kurt![hehe yes for the suicidal aspect solely]

did u know there are guys who shave their legs just because some girl in Mel Gibson's "wht women want" found it seductive? and then there are the fair and lovely creeps!then the " i haven bathed for a fortnyt cos i was busy reading Amartya Sen" prototype. to tell u the truth these guys are the 'desperate' singles. one wink and u'd probably have them following u carrying ur stuff and begging for order. these guys wear trousers all the tym,almost always specs laiden, and either reading the stars or deciphering the imaginary tea leaves on the floor.

and then comes the chicken soup.some guys read tht as if it were bible,to hell with tht! the point is we are a bunch of unique ppl having nothing common except the "single" tag.all these books proclaiming to have unlocked the keys behind singlehood is nothin but a waste of money.
cheers to life and merry be everyday!


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