Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 hours

Dear mom,

Here's proof that your son can remain silent.

Restlessness, manifestly, started in my days in the womb and has been an integral part of me ever since. It is this very fact that has inspired me into writing an article that aims at letting the world know what it takes to be a computer science engineer at CUSAT.


A lot can happen in three hours. After all thats 180 minutes and that can still be divided into seconds. And the heart beats nearly that many times in the same period. But the point i'm trying to make is - a lot need to happen in 3 hours. In-fact there are certain 3 hours in your life, when you do absolutely nothing. Apparently they call it ' lab hours ' in CUSAT.
You walk in, scrap your name in the huge old register, switch on the antique PC and open windows ME[ I wonder if they know that the millennium changed a decade ago?] and the teacher goes KABOOOM!
1st year[mechanical lab] : " You there! [me sir?] Take that blunt piece of metal, make it a smooth square and then weld it."
1st year[electrical lab]:" Wheres ur screw driver? [screw u btich, i hope u aren't gonna kick me out for not bringing it]. OUT! "
sem3[EDC lab] : walks into the lab for my first internals. " construct an RC coupled amplifier! " [ err amplifier, aint that the thing u find in loud speakers?]. ZERO :(
sem4[DSA lab]: " construct a linked list" [ jee i don't even remember the question :D]
sem5[Computer graphics lab] : VK- " Make a game better than road rash in openGl" [ in a lab hour? if we knew that, we'd probably be the CEO of some hotshot firm, not studying here at SOE]

I wonder why they call it 'lab hours'? It certainly does feel like 'lab days'. One thing is for sure. They train u well at CUSAT. From angry boss' to airplane hijackers, we know how to handle ! 3 hours of VK doing nothing but staring at the floor. That too for a complete semester. What next? NSG training? NO. System programming LAB. The usual + viva[ interrogation ]. Infact we guys had a good laugh watching THE Al Pacino and Colin Farrell in 'The recruit' .And they say CIA is tough.

And sir comes to check my book. damn!


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