Monday, February 13, 2012

Life Miserables 1

  •   No. This is not another MAD article. Just because I started the same way doesn’t mean anything right?
  •   Throughout the article you will find the word ‘BANG’. Its best described as something that cannot be described. Seriously. Like an emphatic, dramatized version of wow in the right kind of ambience.  Eg: Boring lecturer gets a call from Mrs. Unknown. Needs to stop teaching immediately = BANG. A very pretty girl gives you a ‘stare’= BANG. You’ll know!
  •  Do I enjoy writing these ‘Hate notes’? Hell, you haven’t even read the article yet! One thing’s for sure though. Drama’s in my blood. Rest you lot can decide. Like every other desperate Indian male would swear , “ I don’t get to do what I’d really love to do.” I genuinely hope that helps.
  •  Characters like RooneY, Sabsa, Ubbas, Khan_Girl, still photographer 10dulkar, D_Cool are purely fictional.  Incase you find this strangely coincidental, then your imagination levels are on par with that of the author.
  • Throughout the entire trip we missed having “the secretary’s wife”. We could’ve had fun discussing mobile operating systems and scheming ways to steal money from juniors. 
  • On a more serious tone, this article’s something that popped up while my groupmates were busy learning ‘remoting’ @ Shiju sir’s. Nothing personal. 
                           Life Miserables

I wanted inspiration. 2012 was already a month old and my blog ratings had dropped drastically. Last updated – December, 2011. Girls inside the college weren’t turning pretty. And the St.Joseph girls were getting younger [ Yeah Mr. Pessimist. We were getting older :-/ ]. So I went around seeking that ‘something’ to stimulate my writing senses.
Being dropped from the basketball team by a fellow classmate on my final match at cusat infront of a huge crowd did not help. For someone who has never played basketball seriously! You know this theory that like charges don’t attract? Its dumb. See if you have a white honda unicorn you are bound to like someone else with a white honda unicorn. So much so that you might even drop the grey discover waala for him regardless of his bball prowess. Its like those guys with pink T-shirts. They LOVE each other.  Sitting on the bench(a non existent one) on your final match – definitely un-inspiring! After all this was the first time I got to play in all my 4 years. You simply have to empathize with me.
As if to make matters worse, a student organization that was supposedly the best at cusat (what fellow north Indian mates calls “asses” ) comes with a brain storming idea. A magazine. And I get to be the editorial head of the new magazine. My Evil personality : “ Junior girls Nevin. Remember Bigu Matthai and the KFC offer?” Evil smile. So completely neglecting ‘the song’ that kept haunting me, I agreed. How dumb could I be! Editorial team = Nobody. So what should I do? Make the complete magazine. 2 weeks to do all that. Apparently in strange organizations across the world, the Secy’s wife has more power than the president.  What was that word? Yeah, FUCK! Certainly un-inspiring.
So when Trombay approached us with a tour package – 2 days at Kerala’s most exotic location Wayanad and one day at South India’s most over-rated hill station Ooty, I thought to myself “life’s shit anyway” and nodded a yes. What’s with this stupid song.
Unlike Mr. Jack Dawson who only had to play cards to earn his ticket for the death ride a.k.a RMS Titanic (and who also got to spend some time with THE Kate Winslet) I had to beg, use all my savings, boycott the daily chicken biriyani to get the 3k needed.
Wednesday                  - Anxiety.
Thursday                       - Nothing much. Was busy I suppose.
Friday                           -Wait. Didn’t the internals just get over?
Saturday                       -Spent the entire day reading articles on photography and doing finger exercises.  I didn’t have a tripod so waterfalls required real steady hands. ( Can’t believe people still think that I never wanted to go for the tour.)
Saturday Night   (Day  1)
Tuborg. Al Fahm. Plate shavarma. BANG!
                                                                                    (to be contd..............................)


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