Friday, January 9, 2009

pals 3

its been nearly 5 months since i made this blog. and i have hardly had 10 comments on my articles, which shows how badly my blog is doing! but i refuse to give up! i keep sending the links to the udl goup hopin outta hope somebody wud read! anyway the beauty of silence lies in the fact tht one can interpret it, the way he wants i'm just hopin more and more wud show up.
but from my past encounters in lyf i have learned that silence isnt always good!it is bloodier than any sinful intentions blurted out in the open! to the ppl i dedicate this article:-it would have been very different and possibly better had u said something to me rather than form a group and take law in ur hands!the very deeds u did make me less wrong than i originally was. if have had any disliking to any person[apart from nandakumar sir,] i have managed to say ryt on the face.most of the tym it has had awfully bad effect on me. but my nights have been saved from thinking of how to get back!
i had really wanted to write a good chunk of my school life in the blog, but from what i have learned, i was in a fantasy world!smiles werent what it seemed! i am awfully broken, and i have decided to stop the articles regarding my pals@ school!here infront of the world wide web i ask apologies to everyone i've hurt!i dont intend to do it again!not that i had had an intention to hurt u back thn!
and 2 all my blog supporters[the 3 or 4 of u who've been so kind :)] i'm wrapping up the "pals at school" series!my sincere apologies if u had been enjoyin it!
i will start with my college experiences soon! ba bye!


amrita said...

Hey I think you should write about your school life. After all that's where most of us have learnt what we actually were! Well give it a second thought.

Janu said...

hey i thoughut u didnt mind wat othrs said..u can still write bout ur school life...i'm sure u have a lot of good memories too to share...

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