Sunday, March 15, 2009

lyf 2

i'm fed moaning bout how my lyf wasn't all the fun!trust me i've had share of fun in lyf!
lemme introduce to u my neighbour thomas!the guy is wierd,but trust me is a bag full of fun and moreover we had just ourselves to play with!
i vaguely remember those good old days!we had the coolest stamp and matchbox cover[theepatti padam] collection!
we used to take it seriously!once i remember jumpin into a waste dump to get one "ship" theepatti padam:)
those were the days!stamp collection was not our 1st preference but thomas's sister elizabeth aka baby had a gr8 collection!
we never knew what the numbers on the stamp used to mean and stamps havin 100 used to be called hundred rupees stamp:)
i still remember complaining to thomas that his sister owed me a lakh rupees[for me lakh was the ultimate currency].my maruti 800 deluxe car had cost 2 lakhs plus,which was the infinity in my eyes!
then there were the mango days,cashew days,chasing the fish in drainage days etc!what fun those days were!
back then ramar had invented a bio petrol and we were on a quest ourselves to make the secret ingredient!once we collected different varities of leaves we cud get our hands into and made a paste of it,put it in a glass bottle and buried under road!
gosh!i still get dizzy when i think of the smell that greeted us after a month!yuck like hell! i still don know whether it had any "special powers" cos we never tested it on the thomas's father's police jeep[which was our initial plan]!
well the gud ole days!
more to come :)


zanhem said...

hey there!!!
guess this is the second or third tym i'm reading ur blog.
impressive, i must say!
this one especially has a 'taare zameen par' effect.
neway keep up ur gud work n keep blogging! :)

NEVIN said...

thanks!pls do keep posting ur comments!

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