Friday, April 10, 2009


ok so lemme publish this small post! this is the first official survey of the unplugged blogger society[thts wht i call myself :)]
so what is the greatest invention of mankind? a very thought provoking Q indeed ryt?
well i started with three uncles, all of em who are my mom's colleagues.
they all dittoed " computer"! boo!what a tragical start! so ok! computers have made lyf easier lyk hell!its the core of everything thts happening around the world , but computers? somehow the answer isnt that cool ryt! just dont ask me y!it just isnt!
so i moved to aunties! they always think of good answers!
one aunty called me the greatest INVENTION! LOrd lets not get into tht issue here!
one said "wheel"! hmm thot prvoking!at least here is some thing that influence me a lot!
life has always been circles for me and certainly "wheel" or rather the circle is quite a fascinating invention! maybe its the sun or the rolling stones[not the band, the rolling stones from mountain tops etc.]that influenced this invention!
anyway its such a fascnitaing figure! ok so trivia here. y are manholes round in shape?
cause someone built it that way and ppl followed it :) ever heard of herd psychology?
well circle is the only shape that has the same dimensions form any side! i.e if manholes were square there wud have been at least one way to put the lid thru the hole but since circle has the beautiful property it cant be put inside!
anyway no: one in our greatest invention list is "circle/wheel".
language!thts what the next aunty suggested! ok yet another gr8 invention!if it werent for language i wudnt be making myself a fool writing in a blog with the expectation tht someone wud read it!
thts number 2!
i went on asking lods of ppl but they all had answers thts somehow related to these two!many said books!but the language ryt? ipod,camera,cell phones blah blah! wht not!but somehow i dont consider them the ultimate!
well back then i used to have these driving classes!i had a very enthusiastic sir as my tutor!one day he decided to show me the interior of a car.
he pointed towards ablack object next to the wheel and asked what it was ! i answered "thts a differential!'
he was so stunned and happy ! he was also all praises for the youth of the nation.
poor old man dint know tht the only part i knew in a car was a differential!but trust me he certainly thinks that the greatest invention on man is the differential!he says he wudnt have thot of it himself :)
anyway i was really disappointed with the outcome of my survey and complained to my pal.
so he suggested "condom"!
wow!so condom isnt computer! it isnt language!it certainly is not circle! so thts somethong new.
it has ehanced the sexual relations, and has helped in controlling the population growth and even safeguard us from sexually transmitted diseases!
so here goes the poll
which among these is the greatest invention of man?


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