Sunday, April 26, 2009

sprits revoked! oh mighty periyar!

hi guys!
i'm sending a mail after a long while!
last day i went to udl school to have a basketball game with my
classmates and during my return journey caught a glimpse of the
periyar!the colour of the river was a mixture of yellow and brown!
and thts when i realized that this river is in far more danger than
anyone wud've guessed!and to think that the whole of ernakulam is
drinking water from this very source!
i tell u a plague awaits us!something grave!something that wud go down
in history lyk the minamata!its tym we saved our own lives and get our
act together!this is water we are talking bout!pls consider this as
request ! A plea! i'm begging u to save my life and the lakhs that
depend on this mighty river!
i'm not saying by joining the community anything is gonna change!its
tym we act!and fast!
pls forward this message if u care for ur own lyf!those who depend on
well, pls do remember the underground water system!
we are hoping to gather sometym in may to discuss the grave problems
and find possible remedies!
regards nevin.


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