Monday, April 13, 2009

futursim:- my first contribution to 'N'guy's blog


futurism is an art movement of the early 20th century.i kno theer are many who would say " wat nonsense"...
trust me, i was one among them...but lemme tell u it isnt as boring as u think...
u'll really enjoy if u observe things there are few things which the designers had made in the past which depicted the future.for those who want to design something differnt from others this is an alternate yet a great way to start off..
lemme ask u all wat comes to ur mind wen u hear the word
computer,robots ,,in short the technologies ryt...
this is exactly wat the futurists did during this movemnt it was all about speed ,technology,youth and many more.
there are many designers and design houses who worked on futurism like
christian dior
Pacco Rabanne
andre courreges
and my favourite Hussien chalayan
hussein chalayan's work is simply awesome.
the materials that he used to depict futurism are superb...he used lights in his garments...his garments were usedas tables and chairs...
one of his best work depicting futurism is "Inertia"...
these designers had made products for the future taking inspiration from the past designes...
lets take an example of the mughal empire..
u can see many garments depicting their culture....but this has become a common thing these days ..
wat i have observed is that people try to project the same thing but in a futuristic way where the future finds it intresting nd attractive...

shus :)


lakshmy said...

pls do chk out my blog for more :)

NEVIN said...

ya sure shus

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