Wednesday, June 17, 2009

cusat! oH CUSAT!

well well its tht time of the year again! newbies are coming to cusat! and v r gonna be seniors ! woohoo!
seriously now what can be better? hmm maybe there is something that can better!
its the attitude of the mallus towards cusat!i've had enough trying to instill the richness of cusat in those numb brains, which according to me[coll], is stirkingly similar to the good ole fashioned movies bout coll! but ppl in kerala esp kochi seem to have an attitude towards cusat thts totally unreasonable!
y wud u hate a college, that has set the record tym in publishing results and has conducted all the xams as per scheduled??
y wud u hate a college were your faculty is so gud?? to all the blogies, our teachers at cusat are the ones who design the syllb, who decides the question etc. for the cusat syllb xams!
why shud u opt fifty cent of cement crap of a model engg coll when u can have 180 acres of pure freedom at cusat? so tht u can study the same syllb? so tht u have to walk a lille lesser?
leave MEC! atleast there is a good bunch of students and faculty ovr der!
y choose scms,fisat,kusamagiri, rajagiri or pushpagiri when u can study in a better college by reputation,by placement,by facilities,by past record,by faculty,by freedomm, and spend millions in a college where u have to march to class after morning assembly and where u arent allowed to talk to ur seniors in da first year!
well many say its the politics! i wud on any day choose good politics over class monitors as u have in these self financing colls! to all those who study der, do u ask permission to drink water?
GOSH! GET a life dude!
seriously what is the point in writing the kerala entrance exams? CET and TKM are depleting in standard at the rate of knotts!u can ask anyone who are studying der!
NITC is gud but tht dosnt come with kerala entrance! trissur seems to be takin in ranks in excess of the 10k mark,! so whts the gud coll? MEC? [sigh] ya well its better than the rest!
seriously tho, its ur life,y not make it large @ cusat? by the way ,myt as well not join here rather than join here and comment bad bout coll!


Amal said...

gr8 buddy keep going!!
and all guys out its 100% true without any exaggeration!

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