Saturday, October 17, 2009

cherry flavoured antacids[special thanks to aristotle for helping me out]

"'tis a common proof
That lowliness is young ambition's ladder,
Whereto the climber-upward turns his face;
But when he once attains the upmost round,
He then unto the ladder turns his back,
Looks in the clouds, scorning the base degrees
By which he did ascend. So Caesar may;
Then, lest he may, prevent.
"- Cassius

I had wanted to call Nithin, an old classmate, and since i couldn't find his number in the ALL PURPOSE sleek and sexy gadget,accused of reducing testosterone quantity[/quality, i really don't know which] i immediately dashed to my TV shelf and took out my secondary database for phone numbers, THE SLAM BOOK.
I made the call but dint throw the book away. instead i went through all the stupid questions and naive answers and smiled! "kids!". i never knew i had grown all boring but then maybe its because every single thing we talk at college directly or indirectly ends up with sex or long legs!how ignorant had i been back at school[well at least i wasn't all that BAd]!
i scrolled through the pages until i read this " dated until the sun becomes a black hole or until u get some facial hair, whichever comes first!] [OUCH!!!]
well i looked at the page she had written with multicoloured sketch pens and slowly uttered her name. GOSH its been so long since i've heard from her! and to think we were best friends till tenth.sports champion.awesome wit. and then she had to switch schools due to personal problems.still we met occasionally and then someone dear to her passed away. had to re shift.din't do all tht well in the kerala entrance exams and now i hardly have any info.
Is life always like this?how can two ppl, especially with the modern day technology, not be in contact?but the truth is we always resort to putting the blame on our work,teachers,boss,and even the service providers[fU*ck em all for charging too much for our phone calls] instead of accepting our own mistakes. i really dont know if it has happened to anyone reading this but it happens to me all the time.
gone are the times when friendship was a feeling of a heart.these things are now value based. if the old one ain't up to the expected mark, dump em or replace them.
and the saddest part is WE DON'T realize what we r doing. it has been so neatly engraved in our minds that we hardly feel odd doing it.
i guess its high time we sat down and analysed what friendship really is."Not everything in life is loved.only the lovable things are".[quote of the day]
lets break down "friendhsip" into three groups.
*Things that are good
*things that are pleasant
*and things that are useful.

Take things that are good. Do friends love what is good for other friends, or what is good for themselves? Clearly, there could be differences of opinion here - like the individual who loves their friend’s intellect whilst themself being somewhat challenged, or the individual who loves their friend’s wit whilst being themselves rather dull. And this could cause must
be the case that in friendship, people love what seems good or pleasant or useful to them- and perhaps they unconsciously keep their fingers-crossed that they are lovable for some good, pleasant or useful thing that they offer to their friend.

Friendship is goodwill between reciprocating parties. It sounds a little dry for a definition, but surely captures a truth.

The first group are friends primarily because they are useful to each other – like
an employee and a boss, or a doctor and a patient, or a politician and an ally; they share goodwill because they get something out of the relationship. Those who love each other because they are useful do not love each other for themselves but insofar as some good that they get from each other.but this relation cant last. you change your company or u loose your hand in an accident and then there's no mutual "usefulness".
The second group are friends primarily because some pleasure is enjoyed by being with them; it may be the football, the shopping, the gossip or physical intimacy, but the friendship thrives as long as the thing that gives the pleasure continues to exist between them.
the third group are people who love each other for what they are in themselves. It may be their depth of character, their innate goodness, their intensity of passion or their simple 'joie de vivre', but once established on such a basis these friendships are ones that will last. Undoubtedly much will be given and much taken too but the friendship itself is independent of external factors and immensely more valuable than the friendships that fall into the first two groups. The better these friends are as people, the better the quality of the friendship. This friendship is therefore also the rarest.
But does the third kind exist today? hhmmmmm i wonder.But then where do we have time right?we have our assignments,the teachers, the boss err.. yup its the same case everywhere.
lets pray for mankind then casue i have no answers to share. just apprehensions.lets hope!Man survived without the dodos.He seems not to mind the ever shortening number of animals and trees.well, then i guess men can survive without genuine pals as well.
i've often pondered over the meaning of kurt's pennyroyal tea.abortion,drugs,guilt. they called it all. but then maybe he was just playing Mr Nostradamus. sip the pennyroyal tea and cleanse ur wretched souls or a day shall come when even the cherry flavoured antacids aren gonna work its magic.some critic did call it "suicidal" but then he myt have been referring to the humankind as such.
I'm so tired I can't sleep
I'm anemic royalty
I'm a liar and a theif
I'm anemic royalty

I'm on warm milk and laxatives
Cherry-flavored antacids

Sit and drink Pennyroyal Tea
Distill the life that's inside of me
Sit and drink Pennyroyal Tea
I'm anemic royalty


Janu said...

very thought provoking yaar....well-written....

lilly said...

its very gud..........its smtng i hav gone through myself
gud job

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