Wednesday, October 7, 2009

India stinkin and lovin it.

well i've never been a great a fan of kerlala's capital thiruvananthapuram. its very lengthy by virtue of its name and still has nothing other than two wrecked big bazaars for assembling the chics.
but then i love my country and thats y i write bout it all the time.
while i was walking through the east fort region,skipping the rotting vegetables,wet condoms and God knows who's saliva on the road i noticed two foreigners, all tanned and cursing the place.
i wondered " why would anyone wanna spend an entire fortune visiting a country like India? especially if this is their attitude."
but then i dint let that thought disturb me as i strolled through streets trying different sweets.[gosh that even rhymes]
But since i had nothing else to be doing[dint bring my gf along]in this history laden hotel[you should c the rust on the so called AC compressor],i took Lauren Weisberger's 'Devil wears prada' out. and TADA..Andy gets an amoebic dysentery on her trip to India.
and so my thoughts wondered.
i tried to think of instances in movies,books,tv shows of foreigners in which India or Indians have been portrayed. and i couldnt think of any instance where they've admired the cultural heritge,,the history or the diversity we bring along.Instead its almost always been the mosquitoes,the kinky english,the study worms with pathetic slang in USA, or the train with the funniest closet they've ever seen. its all the same.and then there is the slum.something they believe the whole India to be.
and then came the filthy booker winner called WHITE TIGER.
it seems very obvious.they want India to be the dirty country.they want the indians to smell funny,they want the mosquitoes.
to tell you the truth i personally think they wouldn't visit India if it were a developed nation.
an Indian trip for them is a soul quenching 'nirvana',wherein you suffer yet u learn that India is an underdeveloped hopeless nation. they wanna know and see and feel the poverty.they wanna breathe the stinking odour. they wanna feel the polluted river.
its what the foreigners basically want. and they want to speak to the fellow WHITE humans bout the hardship they faced.about dysentery they managed.
to tell you the truth they don't really care bout the culture.the diversity. or its remarkable and enviable land patterns.
and what are we as Indians gonna do bout it? Nothing. we are nothing but blind-folded egoistic creeps who uses his 'tool' of a mind to put his neighbour in trouble.its not just Pakistan one should worry bout. its the world. the world sees us as nothing but black ugly Indians and we don't really mind it do we? a bunch of Indians were held to racist attacks by air France and what did our gov. do? NOTHING.
it is high time we realize what is happening to us. we have to respect English as a language. F the Marathi warriors and the sena. its not what India should be doing globally. what we ought to do is to point in insisting everyone that visit our country ought to know Hindi.we just need to realize Hindi is too tough a language for them to swallow.
Development doesn't mean filling factories in every corner. it means improvement of the society and the standard of living. it means ppl 'realizing' and doing what is best for his society.And how can we reach that? Through education and exposure.
There is no point brimming a child with calculus if he is gonna live his whole life in the beach with the 'local' habitants. its not that he should leave his home.But he needs to know what the world is and we need to make him a part of the developing youth of the nation.we should stand up and face every nation in the eye.To let people know that success is not just for the fact its lesser for the rich who has it very easy.
jai hind


lakshmy said...

I agree with u nevin but there are few foreigners who really are influenced by our culture and tradition .There are people who have even shifted to india coz of its culture..I think before blaming the foreigners we should talk about those so called indians who think india is just full of shit...These days people only want huge shoppin malls luxurious cars but never want to give a glance at its strengths...If india is dirty and stinkin they are one among those who put the waste next to the waste bin not in it..coming back to the foreigners we cant completely blame them as they appreciate our tradition & culture but they are disappointed with its appearance and also with the behaviour of the autowalas and other people....If foreigners think"y the hell did v cme to india?"then thats a serious question and WE have to think about the reason behind that question or that feelin...

NEVIN said...

i kinda agree lakshmy. but that is the whole point of the article.YES, i am blaming the foreigners,and i really do believe the majority of them come to india to make fun of it. u wud've noticd tht in the books and the movies. u've told bout them being influenced but can u site an example? dont tell me the dance[jai ho] at the end of slumdog is how they got inspired. it is a classic eg. of wht the danny boyle has understood of bollywood and its culture.he/they all the think that a song in our movies,is nothing but a misplaced rhythm with funny steps. and y do u think tht was so big a success? apart from the quality of the song,the video depicts what foreigners think bout our culture.even the pussycat dolls were inspired.
to ur second part, YES i do think indians ought to do more.i dont think my country is " so full of shit" but unless the indian railways come with a better soln soon, the railway line across india will certainly be[literally].i agree with ur points on autowalas.totally true.But then by that u r actually supporting my point there. not every person across the world are 'NICE. the gov. should enforce strict laws to keep them intact. in India it certainly isn't happening.pls don misunderstand the name of the article.i meant " india stinking is wht some wanna c".nothing else. and that we arent doing anything to change tht ta. rather we are sinking to the age old belief that they r coming to melt into the heritge. pls post ur views.looking forward for more good counnter arguments.

lakshmy said...

i would never support my point with that song Jai ho...i really feel that song didnt have any connection to the whole movie...everything was goin fyn and atlast with that song i totally got lost thinkin wat the hell is happening...
And about the example once i had a talk with one family who had shifted to india coz they love our place ..they are not so happy about it because they r not treated the way they should be and the only thing that they complain is all about the expenditure out friend was tellin me last day while he was travellin in a bus a foreigner couple got into the bus they were charged 100rs wherein the indians were charged jus 6 rs for the same journey..who wud tolerate all this ? its human tendency to exaggerate any bad event that is exactly wat the foreigners are doin....if we try to give them the best even we will get the best out of em.

NEVIN said...

well said laks, even i hate JAI HO.
but the fact is we are not realizing wht the world is. and we still haven shaken off the feeling that we are slaves of the quote u "if we try to give them the best even we will get the best out of em". u've hit the nail with the quote. cos the truth is auto drivers are nothing compared to what we have to face in another nation.forget australia.any nation we indians travel we have to face the obvious 'COLOUR STARE' and moreover succumb to the abuses.why do u think we indians only use these travel packages and not go on a tour our own. cause the truth is, we are scared and we know its difficult to survive.
so compared to what we face, what they get in India is heaven.they are allowed to walk free and apart from the excess money we charge, we are quite ok. i'm not saying that foreigners ought to be treated badly cos we treat our guests like Gods.
what i'm saying is that we indians suffer a lot more but tht isnt news.they do every non sense to us and we arent allowed to react.the truth is racism does exist and tht the whites still consider us slaves. its time we stopped this once and for all.

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