Saturday, July 17, 2010

life moves on 17/07/2010

Now that I've started new blogs for everything tht isn't personal, its high tym i decrease the amount of followers :P.
Life has been on a high with trips and movies in plenty.And so it seems, the calorie. Footballs have been lost,a pal has been bitching with one horribly wicked girl and the bloody adidas shop has come up with an offer just after I bought a T [that isn't dark blue or black Grr].
What has brought me back to my blogliness is Chris Nolan and his latest film 'The Inception'.I am no movie critic and I have just two words for anyone seeking a review - Bloody Awesome!
I've had this very crazy idea since time immemorial, that we are living in a dream and death was just a 'waking up'. I tried telling this to many elders but they would get scared [ the kid sounds as if he's planning to kill himself!] and dismiss it as a silly thought.
But dreams continued to intrigue me and I came up with the absurd theory and the concept of dimensions.People found me wierdER and I still kept dreaming until boxing day nyt 2008,which did remove a lot of apprehensions I had been shouldering. It seems men can talk science ,beliefs, and politics[contrary to the common assumption tht its always sex,football and gadgets] at 12 in the nyt with beer bottles in front of them. We talked bout the origin, respective beliefs, God, Marxism and much more. A fruitful and eventful night.But sadly all was forgotten next day morning and it remained so until we met again at my place ,someday in 2009.
It's gr8 to see movie makers come with such fantastical ideas. Matrix, Contact, Inception were all inspirational beyond words.It feels great to know that there are like minded souls out there in the blue planet[and creating good movies and books too].


*Its strike at Cusat, and I am happy they've included cutting of tress as a major issue. Three cheers.

*I don't really understand what difference Kerala'M' is gonna make.
*Is unhappy with Chelsea's bid on Torres. Myt as well buy 2 good players with the 50 million pounds.
*Can't decide between Punto, Polo,Ritz,Swift and i20. my heart lies with punto.


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