Monday, July 19, 2010

ME being me. And a very happy ME @ that!

" NEV! I can't get you. I mean its Ok if you love travelling. We all do. But seriously, is that all you do? I want something different from you now."

A very sincere advice from a loving friend[who apparently, also cares a lot about what I write]. I guess I owe you all an explanation cause I've been spamming you with my travel episodes for a long while now.
I am just like anyone else. I can be very rude[or as some my very dear pals put it 'too frank'], I almost always find women with long legs and a pretty face attractive, I feel depressed when the gang refuses to accept my ideas,I am terribly lazy, I imagine myself playing a Slash solo every night, and I often ponder over ways to use the money that comes with the 'man booker and I love my life.
I owe my change in attitude to two very big things that has happened in my life. The drama behind the revival of Indradanush [which taught me what it takes to be a 'social' human being] and the Loyola affair[regardless of how people might interpret, I learned to love and respect my parents even more after that].
Till then, the world was all but a movie, and I was the Truman. And I believed everything that happened on Earth were direct consequences of my actions.[ya even the Tsunami :( ]
So, I was a little weird [ OK! VERY weird] for an average 15 year old. And I still regret having spoiled the infinite opportunities to start a conversation with 'The Kalyani' [ Oh yes, I did ask her for an eraser once. 'Rubber' to be precise].
Things have changed for the better [Well I still am very poor at the 'breaking ice' thing. Especially when it comes to pretty girls]. And its largely due to a bunch of very enthusiastic mates, mummy, and the places I've been travelling.
To some,travelling is just displacement from (x1,y1,z1) to (x2,y2,z2).For others, it means a whole lot more. To discover new places, to sink into the culture, to dig into the food,to experience the colour, to meet new people, and to witness the hardships some face[ I still remember the lady in Vaippin telling me how scarcity of water had affected their lives] is some times much more meaningful than the soul stirring views the envelopes the place. I guess the 'nomadic' gene of our ancestors is still in our blood. In some cases[like me] its very active and dominant. In some others it tends to be on the dormant side.
And then there is always the fun element. Skipping meals for petrol,stuffing inside an old maruti 800,hoping the ATM gives an extra note by mistake, football[or fightball] in the beach, those pretty girl groups tht goes by every now and then giving us 'hope', the kappa meen curry which we so can't afford[the 3rd plate tht is :P] etc. Mastercard is right. There are somethings money cant buy[oh well. You could probably get a 3rd plate of kappa]].
To sit on top of a lighthouse staring at the blue horizon and to share a single bed with two others.These are irreplaceable and it takes an enthusiast to understand my emotions. Life is not about luxury. Why is it that the pretty girl in the BMW never smiles but your gf is all smiles when she sees ur bike? Life is about sharing,its about love,its about experience. And I know no better way than to travel.

This is me guys. A very happy me. I do not write for a living[now that would be good idea!hmmm..]. The blog or the FB note implies just one thing. I love to share. If these articles have been of any use or inspiration to you, my objective is achieved.

Do I really enjoy writing the way I do? Not really!
This is how my note goes[from the 2010 diary]:

Kovalam :
awesome.super legs. gosh there must be 3 or 4 beaches here. ask life gaurd. ouch that din't go well. i wonder if he'd save anyone, bloody arse. wow, she reminds me of cara black. is she??
white sand blue water. i wish x,y,z were with me :( m u guys.
lighthouse is tough on the lungs [panting] what an awesome view. mm interesting, lemme stick my legs out and see wht gravity feels like.

I couldn't possibly publish it the way it is, so I edit. And thats about it :)


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