Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Avatar : A Discovery

This is a comic strip based on avatars in bitsrips. Not to be used for any commercial purposes.

#1 : Having watched 'The Truman Show' Nevin decides to check if Truman was right. If there indeed was a world beyond the magical land of "Bitstrips".
After sailing for a day in the sea Nevin's boat comes to an abrupt halt. There he finds the stairs to the "outerworld".
#2 : "The outerworld is beautiful"
Nevin decides to travel across the "outerworld" and see its wonders...

#3 : Nevin meditates while flying over Japan...

#4: Pacific Islands
#5: Nevin flies over the great pyramids of Giza

#6 : Malaysia
Finally, after having travelled around the world, Nevin decides to go back to "bitstrips" and tell everyone about the outerworld...
#7: Having heard about Nevin's adventures, his friendsJoseShafath and Shaakir decides to accompany him on his next trip.
The gang crossing the 'Abbey Road"....

Series to be continued....


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