Monday, March 25, 2013

The Idea Behind The Avatar Series

Why should someone like me, who has no technical/artistic ability, make a comic strip based on Bitstrips characters? To be honest, the idea has always been there. To create characters with whom everyone can associate. And to make them do things that contemporary superheroes fail to do.

The avatars, made via the bitsrips app, has a very unique ability to catch the audience by their looks and behavior  Through the series I hope to highlight some of the serious social issues that is affecting us. While the idea is to make an impact on the society I think it is best served with a touch of humour and childishness.
Feedback is the only way to improve the series, so please leave your comments. While this might be shared, do not use it for any commercial purposes.

You can also contribute to the cause...
Add me on Facebook ( send a message prior to your request) and we can discuss about various possibilities. Till then Om Mani Padme Hum....


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