Friday, November 21, 2008


well my friends always complain bout the fact that i dont include them in my blogs!
so here is an article completely dedicated to my pals.

i think the article ought to be divided into 2 and college

SCHOOL[ article 1 ]

i'll start with school.they mean a lot to me! my pals at school!they mould me into the creature i am!

basically i like being to myself.from childhood onwards i've loved being left alone! especially in that period btwn 6 30 and 9! lyk any other student i really hate it when mom asks to study.and not only that! i cant get out of my room! and that seems to me like the toughest thing in the world!somehow i get thirsty every 20 mins that i have to take sip. and only on the hours breaks am i supposed to drink. so after twenty mins of study "its reverie zone",the next forty!regardless of an athleitc apperance i posses due to my lanky legs, i like books!
in my 4th standard while we boys where playin "kings" or "er pandhu", i happened to dislocate my wrist and get a hair line fracture. since i couldn't play to kill time , one brightand sunny day i took to library. our beloved Achama ma'am,looked at me lowering her specs and went to the shelf, took the copy of Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer and gave it to me!
i was like, MA'AM I"M IN FOURTH!
i still remember that the book had 253 pages!that was the beginning.i took leave for 3 weeks with chicken pox and when i returned,the whole class was talking about a milestone event in the class.
[ehmmm...they never even noticed i was missing for 3 weeks]
Sanjay and Gayathri completed a 150 pages NAncy Drew.
"so whats such a big fuss about? i read 253 pages book!", i remarked. and when i said the name of the book everyone laughed and said "thats a forty pages book!".
well that day no one knew what the word "abridged" meant.after Great Epectations everyone knows what it means!
well i took it as a challenge and while sanju concentrated on nancy drew i took hardy boys as my subject. then i read this magical book in my shelf ,which changed my approach to english! till then it was just another subject.after the book, the language became a love affair.
Famous Five and the whispering island, in which wilfred appears!if my memory is corect its the 20th book of the 21 book series.
after that it was Enid Blyton all the way with ocassional Franklin W Dixon.
[i've always continued with this spirit and these days i like CHRICHTON[with due respects to the great man he was],Grisham,cook and other good books.]

well back then, i used to fantasize goin out in cycles ,with tents and camping out with friends! Anne was my first love and still the name has a special effect on me.i was so into secret passages and tresures that i have pressed each tile in my bathroom with the hope that it would suddenly open and lead me to Madonna!

the next remarkable thing that happened was the influence of nandu and jose in my life!ths nxt.


shwetha said...

y hav u written an abridged version of our school lyf......i think u shud include all that THALATHERICHA things u did in skul......gud goin frnd keep it up....waitin to c more

Lucky said...

awesome feels so gud 2 read all dis....waiting 4 the coming articles....eagerly...

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