Monday, November 17, 2008


on the free software day manhandling

Well i really dont have anything more to add to the numerous blogs on the manhandling of Anivar bro and co. on the last day of NCFS[National Conference of free software].but there still remains the question of WHY Novell chose to sponsor an event which has nothing to do with their motives and THEIR IDEA of a FREE future.
we "the ignorant few" attending the meet were curious to know their intentions and visited their stall in an effort to understand more.
we met a guy, and with a stern look asked" How can u insist that Novell is helping the cause[free software]?".
the poor guy who had had enough for a day replied" we give u better softwares for a cheaper cost and hence your expenditure is cut, and u can run windows easily.for eg we have the novell version, which can replace MS office in windows. and please, we are employees of Novell. our task is to sit here and introduce our products to the pubilc, nothing else."
sometimes u feel sorry for injustice. we all realize that Novell supports microsoft. yet what do u say to this man, who earns his bucks working for the company?the idea of free software is just,yet when we consider this individual,should we fight with him, boycott novell's stall,and make him go back ,report to his boss, and then make HIM suffer.?
i think we all are forced to do certain things our heart wont agree with.
same is the case with the volunteers.they never had a say on the issue.

so where is ultimately the freedom? free software campaigners werent allowed to express their views, Novell guy had to do what he was told,and likewise for the volunteers.


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