Friday, August 15, 2008

propsal 4:- absurd theory intro

Well, well me and my absurd theory! Its tough to really move along my line of thought, but then again let me finish k !
I hope the wikipedia article has opened all your minds regarding this topic! i wrote this article when i was in 11th! i have learned quite a few things after that,
so u might see myself contradicting to certain statements! will explain what churned me into writing this in anther post!
As i was saying, "contradiction" is the food of science! so i am going to do a lot of pointless contradicting here!

For explaining to you, i am going to use certain far fetched ideas of mine!
We live in a 3 dimensional world! Let’s calls it energy zone 3! we perceive three dimensions! The "Fleming’s thing". hehe.
We see three dimensions, we feel, we make, etc.
Lets say there’s initially a zone of 1 dimension! Just the x axis[for the sake of imagination]. and lets say we existed in it. Then we evolved, our energies increased, and we started perceiving we the next dimension. We die! We get into zone 2! The zone of 2 dimension. then to three. again a perfect death!
WE have always believed Death is necessary, especially to have a sustainable population! But now i am trying to say, death might not be, and End but a beginning! i believe my Absurd theory could offer a solution to the relentless pursuit of mankind, both religious and scientific, to finally reveal the secrets of after life!

Death is the spontaneous action wherein the body finally starts perceiving the fourth dimension. Think about 4 dimensions! X Y Z and ?it just cannot be thought right? i know you are already hating me, but lets put it this way. Suppose we where two dimensional;. Would we be able to visualize the third dimension? impossible to know? assume u r a character u teacher draws on her board. now would you be able to?
let me leave the question unanswered! i am seriously lacking some comments here...

A man dies! and we all know that happens when certain organs stop working. but is it really that? cant it be that the organ has already started performing or
working in four dimensions? think of four dimensional motion. we cant! so we might probably consider it "dead" and useless while the fact might be that, its
performing in a dimension we the 3rd zone people cant really "catch on to".
i am hoping at least a little bit of my idea has been captured by u readers.
But then what about premature death? i have certainly no theories to back an answer to this, yet i could get a into more of a religious thinking and conclude
that premature death [which includes accidents] causes a sudden entry into the 4th dimension which might make the person, lets say "handicapped" or
something very similar. since it is the fourth dimension none of our classifications wud be valid, yet i am using them to instill the idea!
if you look at the early vedic scripts or cave inscriptions ,[not that i have read or seen any of these in detail] one could possibly bring out my very thought!
did they believe that premature death or "the God's curse" made them into lower animals? or did they believe the fact that we where once something else
and we changed the energy zones into the human state?i for one have heard a lot of stories from my grandmother about how we where all certain animals
and how God loved us and mould us into his own shape., and how certain hermits could curse and make humans into dogs and cows etc etc.
did these possess an element of truth? or did i hear a little too much?[comment zone]. we did evolve from the apes right?

why is our baby not able to perceive color? the different wavelengths? especially the higher ones? i [ a 11thr] with the very limited knowledge i have,
believe that when we change zone a complete blackout of memory takes place! it wouldn't be right if we have a brain which perceives 2 dimension but exist
in 3! have u ever wondered y some children are born unlucky, mentally disabled?

the shortest summary is that:- the world is not what it seems to be! it so happens that at a time[ time applied constant irrespective of dimensions] there are at
least 3 or 4[to make topic worth talking] exisitng..That is, your 3D home might be a playground in 4D!when u r cooking meat balls . Somebody wud be
kicking footballs, whcih has a shape we cant imagine!

i am not done yet! at least 4 more articles to go! so dont lash onto the gun! but pls scribble ur questions.
cheers nevin!


renj said...

i didnt read through this completely.. just skimmed...
understood one thing..u do regularly watch natgeo/discovery.. and like me,should be a fan of michio kaku.. right??... i do like ppl who think..abt the unanswered/answer less,btw.. i hope u do the thinking before u do all this writing...
so one question.... are u a creationist or an evolutionist?

. renjith

NEVIN said...

renji! i love watching these channels! but me into the animal kingdom! especially the aquatic life! so not much of michio kaku fan.
if i am worthy to be classified, i wud prefer creationist!
trying my hand out at evolution!

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