Thursday, August 14, 2008

my life ep.1[myself+movies]

i am sitting here idle, brewing this colossal amount of coffee ,all smiles to myself[no practical reason i can think of for being in this state]. The day has gone by, with all the normalities and niceties well in schedule! i cannot possibly bore u further by explaining what i am , whom i am..etc..
past is past! me livin' in the present!

If Thou cast the Chameleon's nature
On Thy like being on Earth,
That i am!

i know, i know my poem sucks, they always do! i remember the last time i tried one! Alfred Noyes and Wordsworth combined! in fact it wud be better of, to say, it was a mixture of solitary reaper, highway man,and education of nature! but anyway, i love poems!

I wouldn't call myself a chameleon , because i have always believed in sticking on to ones genuine personality, regardless of the environment![well i can write whatever i want , but trust me i wud be the next thing to wetting my pants when these seniors of mine get to rag the hell outta me]
but i have varied interests!
in my early days i had always wanted to be a pilot or a lorry driver!was into machines i guess!
then in fourth my hand got fractured and i wanted to be an ortho!
started seeing these nasty med programmes in nat geo , got the chills, and and wanted to be a detective or an actor! the Enid Blyton periods with interests in forming secret societies with passwords and cookies!then came Goosebumps and i wanted to direct horror movies!
the Agatha Christies:- wanted to marry a cool gal[ya i know, i know, but Agatha Christy wasn't really that cool so i was really just into the n or m]
then came a long period, wherein i wanted to do MBA , buy a cool carry, marry a sexy blonde blah blah..
11th and i was into economics without knowing a b c d of what it was. it was more of the st stephens desire rather than the actual stream! and i wanted to work along side shareen bahn one day!ha.....................
then came this interest of mine to pursue law, after Mr Grisham started sleeping beside me.hei dont mis understand, i meant the book :)
but its nature! and i love it!
i want to do a lot of photography, read, travel and cook in my life! thats basically it!
NDTV good times has stolen my heart of late! especially that Spa program.


i am a guy who enjoys the movies! lemme share to u what i like!

ACTION:- i am not really into this stream , but i do love quick original moves! i hate van dam and such creatures! not my type! i love Bourne series! it well plotted, quick, and has damn good action scenes! whats good to see is that unlike matrix and jaws, which has such horrible 3rd rated sequels, the Bourne team, has made gr8 sequels to complement !

MYTH:- well same case here! except for certain movies life 300, or troy, i am not that type!
i dont really know under which category the Lord of the Rings comes under, but that really rocks!

ROMANCE:- i love these movies! they r sweet and worth watching almost all the time! i like these sweet ones, may not be blockbusters, but nonetheless what people wud like watching on a Sunday eve! sleepless in Seattle, the lake house, u've got mail etc. etc...

DRAMA:- its diverse but its so cool. i like these movies like oceans 11 12 13, wherein the plot is so beautiful, one has to just watch in awe and admire the script writer! and it makes u feel like a smartass once u discover after watching the movie 3 times, how they stole the bank! then there r these movies like forest gump, the beach, blood diamond, all diverse yet catchy.
i like law movies too! Tom Cruise's "a few good men", Philadelphia , rainmaker[though its not as good as the book]. i like Padmarajan movies as well! i like Shyamalan's sixth sense.

COMEDY:- ya, every one likes to laugh! i like certain movies, like scary movie 1, Bruce almighty, but i like the humor inbibed in the DRAMA movies more! i dont really like movies just made for the sake of laughter!

HORROR:-hollywood ones r good! hate the mallu ones! esp that horrible movie named "megasandesham".

thats it guys! keep drinking coffee!


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