Wednesday, August 13, 2008

a proposal to mankind

Let me start with science. "Wierd" is something not always associated with science, but i guess its wierd. Limitless possiblities. Variety and variablity! Science has enthralled me into higher extremes. No girl, no game has highlighted more interest in and from me than science. It is beautiful. It is "beauty". It defines beauty. what more can one pursue?
Lets get straight into my thoughts and ideas. But before we dig into some of the wired imaginations, i wud like to convey my intentions. After u finish going through my article, u should belive in the concept of dimensions which i am about to use and the different possibilies associated with it. Maths has certain theories which round up into the chaos theory or the butterfly effect. i would like the absurd concept i am going to use to be called "the absurd theory". I would be referring to the concept a lot in my articles , to prove that u and i maybe the very same person.
Scientists from ancient times have believed that theres a limit to what man can know. They believed and pursued the "end". "The day when everything shall be known". But the beauty of science is that more we reveal the more we there is to discover. When man invented a car, he realized he had made his life easy. then cam the factors like speed, friction etc. I have just used this example to show the more one learns the more there is to know. like the replacement of rubber tyres with inflated ones.
Qutantum technology is one of the rapidly emerging field of science. Super conductance of certain elements at very low temperature has given more hope. Combined they formed, the ever daunting nanotech. Bio engineering has long discovered cloning , and one can await a real life replica of Chrichton's jurassic park in near future. Though considered an old topic. nuclear science is still revealing limitless possiblities. This to name a few.
But i belive there is an undiscoverd saga of events in "evolution". It is true man has been carefully studying "evolution". The remarkable studies including the Darwanian theory of evolution has conquered our hearts from time to time. But i still believe a lot is undefined and unexplained other than the age old stories of dinosaur and transformation of apes into man. With no dis respect to these spellboundin theories, i would like to introduce u to "absurd theory".
I believe the key to unlock the mysteries of evolution lies closely to the existence of fourth dimension. I am not taking you to concept where one cannot keep time and space constant. It is a fact. A complex theory yet one that should be belived. It offers a wide range of imagination and the absurd theory comes in that category.
Evolution can be briefly described as the change in the organism with respect to its stimuli. To refresh your mind let me put forward an exaggerated fact! Suppose a species of migrating owl, in large groups, has to change their routes due to external problems like pollution! These night birds reach an island, with thick vegetation of hard shelled fruits yet no nocturnal animals. Due to the severe lack of food, many would die. but yet some will adapt . they would make attempts in the day to catch the prey and some will turn towards fruits. gradually their offsprings would develop characteristics to new environment. And we might even witness the same species of owl behaving in two different group patterns, like the fruit eting one and the other. Each would start developing unique charchterestics like bent claw and beak etc. This is evolution as we know it today.The Darwanaian theory.
But i belive there is another side to evolution. There is something. Something that the theory has missed. If it werent for these timely contradictions, science as we know today would not have existed.We would have still considered Earth to be the centre of the solar system and cosidered thompsons model of atom.
Now i sent this to 3 people and all the three said my work so far needs a lot of explanation.
the concept of space and time is so beautiful yet very difficult to understand unless u r willing to go beyond the ordinary imagination. therein i believe i should suggest to all of u having interest in what i am gonna say, to read the wikipedia article on it, at the least!
wait for the next set!
to be contd..........................


Archana said...

Ur completely in form i suppose...ur thought is interstin bt felt its really vague.... lookin forward to more on this.....

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