Thursday, August 14, 2008

the hanging thin'

well guys and gals i had to go thru an unpleasant scene yesterday! saw a man hanging dead on a tamarind tree while i was going for drivin classes!
there r a lot of emotions that fly across ur soul when u experience such a scenario!
what was it that made the guy commit such and such a deed?! was his life so unworthy and so unfruitful, that no one really cared bout this guy? was it a bad affair? y arent anyone near?
y is the dog making such a wired noise?..
its a saga of emotions and u practically dont know what to feel at that moment! is it fear? anxiety? curiosity? bewilderment?
well things moved on fast, and i kept on walking regardless of the hanging body. many gatherd as soon as the retired dysp, my neighbour, arrived the scene! i walked on ,had an ok driving class, and saw the scene yet again on my journey back home!
and the first real statement that really crossed my mind:- INDIA!
its such a weird nation, u call it diverse, rich or secular or whatever ur sunlit brain can ever think of, yet how can u justify such outrageous actions of the people! in my way towards the driving class, i got into the milma shop, to inquire, and the guy said" a njaan kandu ,mindan ninnilla! ayaal aa vidnde aduthulla alude aliyano matto aa! nammal endhina verudhe idhu pidichu thaliyil idunne!"
thats our people folks!comment on it urself, cos regardless of the high precentage of truth content in his words, people have to accept a death, the way it should be!
i dont remember when, but i did hear one day, naturally one among us saying" americayil kodum kaatu varunnadhu nalladha, world population kurayatte!"!
was it the same when a massive tsunami raided pur nation?[get lost with what kamal haasan has to say]
its time we people realize the fact that nature cant be controlled! those who r familiar with dasavatharam wud have certainly realized the butterfly effect or the chaos theory as its popularly called! i suggest u fall into chrichton at least, to get into he basic knowledge!
coming back to my topic, the point i am trying to put forward is, its high time we develop a society, where things r seen and taken care of, the way it ought to be!
lets concentrate on the milma chettn's words once again!
three lines , which defines a helluva lot bout our society.
he has every right in our society, to have moved away from the scene, his lips tight cos OUR POLICE dept. its high time police started being for the people rather than against the people!
secondly its high time we started portraying our police in a better trend! personally speaking, aftr seeing the movie" pathram" i wanted to slap the cheeks of both the gundan police charachter and the manju varrier char! both sucks! is this education? is this what we want! with no disrespect to the need of entertainment in our busy life, i still believe people and police should form a team, which when combined, can bring a lot of peace and order to the society!
2nd matter is the casual approach to death! it is justified as well!
1) the guy aint in the higher strata of the society!
2)he is drunkard
3) committing suicide is almost a trend these days no one really cares! the guy din wanna live, so be it, seems to be our attitude!

i believe as a person, who was shocked to the toes on witnessing the scene, its always the emotional side of life which is difficult to cope with! Man almost always live out his dire condition, if he has love and support from his friends! but sometimes a millionaire cud be so broke, he usually tends to commit the "crime"[as i call it]!
the truth is no one really knows! and no one wants to! and how can u get a person going to kill themselves, to give an interview just b4 dying!

later.. monsoon's taking its toll! power cut!


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