Friday, November 21, 2008


well nandu and jose really played a big role and they were the ones tht added the fun element of my life!

it all started in 6th! the good ole days when we were still in trousers!
Once, Mrs Sharam Nahi Aathi..,Indira ma'am[well watever hindi i do have is becos of her and i really respect her] caught me stammering with hindi yet again,said" sharam nahi aathi is thareh padne.." and asked me to stand out of the classroom[to my delight]. that day she called our MSC[member of student council or mother of several children, however u like it] and asked gayathri to change "Nithin's" place next to Monisha's.[ma'am always used to get the names confused and since nithin and i were the same league in hindi class, ma'am dint bother to change]
and thats how jose and i sat together for the first time.
it first started as an equivalent craze for super cars. but i did soon find out he was far far better than me.
back then Betty Ma'am used to be our PT teacher.
she was one among the funniest teachers i've ever come acroos.Ponnammal ma'am was also very close! well jose and i used to collect every bit of money we get and go to molma to buy sip ups or on rich fat days, Milkibar choo.
we used to travel in different possible directions to avoid teachers from spoting us.
oh the sip up days!
then there was the "cp travels!"
unni chettan had come back, and he had converted the Mouse MAchine into what HE beleived was an airbus!
george chettan,nikhil,gorbi,sanju[waiting for his father]and i used to play with rubber balls on the basket ball court waiting for the 3rd trip.
well i tell u, i've burned some serious amounts of calories those days!
the other main stuff happening those days were EXAMS!
not tht i cared bout exams! it was chance to ride cycle for long hours + do a little bit of expeditions.
DEAD MAN's world[next to "shmashanam"], Scorpion kingdom[the fsa court] etc. wer our favourites.
wait for the nxt one!


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